Wood-Plastic Composites is booming at home and aboard in recent year,a new class of composite materials.Instead of the usual adhesive resin,it refer to the use of polyethylene,polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride,etc,and is mixed with more than 50% of woo
When you're thinking about how to beauty your balcony,patio and garden flooring,you may be in the process of deciding what type of decking materials to use. In the traditional view,many houseowners think of wood as a classic choice.However,there are some
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This series of products made of PVC plus quality wood flour.Is recycled building materials.Suitable for indoor ceiling,wall decoration.The installation process simple and convenient.With a flame retardant,environmentally safe green interior decoration mat
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This series of products made of high quality PE composition plus high-quality flour.Is recycled building materials.Suitable for outdoor flooring,outdoor siding,fence and gazebo.Simple and convenient installation process.A flame retardant,environmentally s
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