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Why our customers choose a composite wood over timber?

When you're thinking about how to beauty your balcony,patio and garden flooring,you may be in the process of deciding what type of decking materials to use.

In the traditional view,many houseowners think of wood as a classic choice.However,there are some disadvantages of solid wood is difficult to avoid.For example,wood is hard to maintain,poor stability and with high prices.

Now,wood plastic composite lumber is an environmental benign alternative to traditional lumber.

The extreme strengths are as follow:


•Pest control,anti-ant

•High fire resistance

•No cracks,no swelling,no distortion and no maintenance

•Sound-absorbing effect is good.Good energy saving

•With natural wood color and texture of wood grain

•Up to select your colors

•Can be customized according to your individual needs

What's more,wpc can be applied in outdoor decking,indoor flooring,furniture plate,wall cladding,pavilion,fencing and railing,garden chair etc.

By opting for composite wood instead of wood,you'll feel the good of wpc.


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